About Me:

I see myself as a Graphic Designer/Decorative Painter/Faux Finisher/Muralist and Pinstriper. My studio in northern New Jersey.

As the story goes... my father took down the wallpaper in the bathroom and I at the age of 3 years old I saw a white wall and took advantage of this opportunity. I got a hold of a handful of Crayola Crayons and created my first abstract wall mural. Of course I got yelled at for my creation. At that point, my father covered my beautiful abstract wall mural with the new wallpaper my mother purchased for the bathroom. Ten (10) years later we took the wallpaper down and rediscovered my first mural.

I knew at 5 years old I was an artist. My mother gave me a smock to wear when I had Art in Kindergarten and then I knew, I was a "true artist" because all artists wear smocks and had an easel to paint on. So I thought at the ripe old age of 5.

Years Later: I am trained in the Arts and hold a degree in Graphic Design. Through the years I have been implementing a variety of marketing materials for an array of corporations.

  • I discovered the world of airbrushing about 15 years ago. Since then I have been creating illustrations on canvas, t-shirts, tire covers, jackets and anything else.
  • I expanded and went in the direction of web design, to help my clients fulfill their Internet needs.
  • I have branched out into the Interior Decorating Industry by providing decorative painting, faux finishes and murals for my clients.
  • And now pinstriping on anything that needs it.

• Airbrush Action Getaway, Instructor/Alumnus
• Dun Dean Studios, Alumnus
• IDAL - International Decorative Artisian League
• One Stroke Instructor - OSCI

As you know, designing is an ever evolving business. There are always new techniques and new designs to create.

Lynn Kafalas
LK Designs, LLC