Decorative Painting:

IDAL - International Decorative Artisian League Member

Design Elements:
Custom Designs • Textures/Faux Finishes • Decorative Painting
Murals • Restorations • Signage • Lettering
Trompe I'oeil • Graining • Stencilling • Pinstriping

As of 2012 the term "Faux" is out and the term "Textures" is in.

Textures: textures/faux finishes are priced by the square foot and the number of layers, colors of paint used and style that will be applied.

Murals and hand painted designs: The variables are the complexity of the design, the size of the mural, the subject to be painted.

Special Equipment: Scaffolding, Airbrushes/Compressors, etc. are included under Special Equipment, and will be added into the contract if necessary.

Turn-around-time: Is added into the proposal as required to how much time estimated for completing this project.

Sample Boards: After the proposal is signed. I will create a Sample Board for the customer using the Decorative Finish suggested.

Consultation Fee: The initial consultation must be done on-site. If the location is beyond a 20 mile radius from my office, I will need to charge a consultation fee. If you commission me for the project, your consultation fee is then credited versus your proposal.

During the initial consultation we will discuss design ideas, paint colors, etc. I will provide a few sample boards and a portfolio for you to view. Together, we will agree on a mutaully acceptable framework.

Insurance: Yes, I am insured.