Welcome to LK Designs, LLC

This is where ideas formulate into reality. Thus "Ideas to Realities."

I provide clients with a solution for their graphic needs now and into the future.

The Services provied are:
• eLearning
• Instructional Design
• Specialty Painting
• Illustrations
• Decorative Painting
• Faux Finishes
• Murals
• Airbrush T-Shirts, and other items
• Restorations
• Pinstriping

Seminars and Workshops:
If you are looking for a speaker for an event, please contact me.

I am based out of Northern New Jersey. If you have a need
to have a custom design painted on a clothing item or a tire cover, or any
other fabric surface, please contact me.

Look over my website, and if you see I can help you with a design issue, please contact me.

LK Designs, LLC is a copyrighted entity, and all images are not to be used, copied or duplicated
in any way without written consent of LK Designs, LLC.